Things to Do in Phoenix Park

ulster bank building dublinIf you are planning to visit Dublin City, then you should make some time for Phoenix Park. It’s the kind of place that’s large enough and filled with enough things to do and sights to see that you could spend your entire holiday there.

We want to show you some of the amazing experiences you can have there, but you should know that there are tons more that we don’t have time to cover here.

It’s a good idea to research the park thoroughly before you go so that you don’t get too distracted by all there is to see and do and actually manage to get to everything you planned on visiting.

Dublin Zoo
Of course, we have to mention the Dublin Zoo, which is one of the largest in the region and is home to more than 700 animals. That’s birds, mammals, reptiles and everything else all living together in one amazing place. New species and additions to the species that are already there are always being added, so even if you visited before, you are sure to find something new with each visit. It’s actually the third oldest zoo in the world, making it a historical treasure that everyone should take time to visit.

People’s Gardens
The gardens open at 8:00 am every day and feature a wide range of horticultural marvels. There are a few lakes there, some playgrounds for the children, walking paths, monuments and much more to discover. The gardens are spread out across 9 acres, and it’s not uncommon for people to spend an entire day just in the gardens, taking in nature and enjoying the various activities it has to offer.

Magazine Fort
For those who like military history and ancient structures, the Magazine Fort fits both bills. It is a structure that was erected back in the 1600s and has been used in a few military struggles during its time. Now it is preserved for future generations to enjoy, though it is currently only open for limited tours, so you may need to call ahead to get a peek inside.

Ashtown Castle
There are more historic structures in Phoenix Park, including the oldest of them all, Ashtown Castle. This is a tower that was constructed hundreds of years ago and that sits beside the park’s visitor centre. For many people, it is the first stop as they make their way through the park.

Other Things to See and Do
These are just some of the highlights, and there is tons more to talk about to give a comprehensives view of the park. Phoenix Park is home to hundreds of species of plants, for example. It also houses a few estates, some of which are open to the public throughput most of the year.

Motor races, concerts, cricket clubs and other events take place periodically in the park, and you can look up a schedule of events to see what’s coming up during your time in Dublin City.