Dublin’s Discovery Trails

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy much of what Dublin has to offer. You can take in the sights and experience the history of this iconic city on the many walking trails scattered about the area. We are going to show you some of the amazing things you can come across and how you can get around for free as you experience Dublin in a unique way.

Do It For Free
The walking trails are all free, and while there are guided tours, you can simply take yourself along whichever trail you like. You don’t have to wander aimlessly though, just keep an eye out for signposts at every turn. Instead, you can download the free app Dublin Discovery Trails to find out where you can start, and which trail might be right for you. The app will walk you through the trail in detail and show you what you can look out for to make your walks more rewarding.

Pick Your Passion
What kind of walk would you like? Are you looking to soak up the ancient history of Dublin by walking beside castles, towers and gaols? Or would you rather go from pub to pub and try out each one’s signature drink? Maybe you prefer to go for an entertainment stroll, hitting up the places where musicians hang out and where public performances are common. There is a walking path for each of these interests, and the app can find that for you. You might be surprised at the kinds of things that Dublin has to offer once you get going on one of these paths
for a while.

There are walking paths through the parks as well, for those who want a more natural setting. Phoenix Park is massive, and its walking paths can take you by the zoo, through the gardens and along the lakes.

Plan Ahead
If you are going to be walking all day, you’ll want to decide ahead of time where you are going to eat, how much you are going to spend on food, shopping and such and where you will store all the stuff you plan to carry. You may want to circle back to your vehicle after a few hours, just in case you get overly tired or if you need to drop off some shopping.

You may also want to plan a secondary path that takes you into a few shopping centres or off the streets, if the weather takes a turn for the worst. You can always check the forecast ahead of time to avoid this problem, though.

There is tons of Dublin to explore, and you can see a lot of it just by walking, but you’ll likely see more and have more fun if you plan ahead and figure out your trip before you set off on it. It’s also a good idea to have some extra cash on you just in case you change your mind about the notion of walking for the entire time.

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