Area Kiconico

KikoNico play area

KikoNico play area

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Area Kiconico

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AGE: From 3 months old From this age on See PRODUCT information

Subcategory: KicoNico and Dolls



Baby's play mat with activities arch, musical mobile, lights and hanging figures of KicoNico and his friends. Made out of fabric.

Round and quilted. Slightly raised edge and two crossover arches; the mobile has 4 hanging figures, 5 fairy lights in 3 colours (orange, red and green) that light up when the mobile is turning, plus 3 melodies. Includes 4 detachable figures of KicoNico, PakoNico, MonkiNico and PipoNico.

Very simple to set up and to dismantle. The figures are soft and can be detached from their rings for playing with. The melodies of approx 3.5 minutes, are: Are you sleeping?, Little Bess, Small little world.

80% polyester
  • Height :60.00 cm
  • Width:90.00 cm
  • Depth:90.00 cm

Batteries not included

.Creation of a family, security, relaxing a trusting atmosphere, .Sense memory, .Development of sensorial perception, .Fine mobility, .Eye-hand coordination