Kiconico soft toy

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Kiconico Sweet Dreams

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AGE: From 0 months old From this age on See PRODUCT information

Subcategory: Baby's room , KicoNico and Dolls


Their KicoNico doll lights up softly, keeps them company and makes them feel safe while they sleep. Cushy, soft washable fabric with timer.

100% cotton outer fabric (soft and reduces risk of allergy). With a soft blue light that lasts 15 minutes and is activated with the on/off button. During the last 15 seconds, the light dimmers until it goes off, thus encouraging sleep. There's also an optional turn off function. The mechanism is removable to facilitate washing.

If you want to turn it off before the 15 minutes is up, press the button at the back.

100% cotton
  • Height :34.00 cm
  • Width:22.00 cm
  • Depth:14.00 cm
Instruction manual:

Batteries not included

.Creation of a family, security, relaxing a trusting atmosphere, .Creating healthy sleep patterns, .Capacity to imagine