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AGE: From 3 years old Up to 8 years old
Reference: 47001

Plasty Play Megakit

Create with plasticine case

Category: Modelling crafts,

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For endless modelling fun, with tons of accessories!

Inside this large box case with four large compartments you can fit tons of tools, accessories, moulds, and 10 little jars with coloured modelling dough. It also includes scissors, rollers for stamping, cutting out or mixing, 2 moulding plungers, and lots more!

The dough contains: water, sodium chloride, starch, sodium benzoate and vegetable oil. Note: this product contains starch. Should it be accidentally ingested, we warn that it is Not Suitable for people with coeliac disease. The rollers include: 1 traditional, 1 with 6 patterns for stamping (animal faces) and 1 with 4 cutting parts to choose from or combine The moulds include: 3 to use with a handle, 4 animal rollers (ram, elephant, cockerel, cow) and 5 for cutting out (animals and a tree). Also includes 3 modelling tools. The moulding plungers have 3 different filters. The bases of the dough tubs are also moulds, and the modelling machine has 2 accessories, each with 4 templates.



    .Development of aesthetic sensibility, .Creative and constructive thoughts, .Attention capacity, .Manual skills, Development of tactile perception



Height :24.00 cm

Width:37.00 cm

Depth:12.50 cm