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AGE: All the ages
Reference: 54030
Instruction manual: PDF

Instant Camera

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Instant camera. Surprise yourself and share the joy of seeing the image appear on the paper in an instant. Magic in your hands.

Modern, easy-to-handle Fuji camera, exclusive ItsImagical edition, perfect for all the family. Revives the essence of the early instamatic cameras with a modern design (ergonomic grip). It's analogue and works with batteries. Replacement parts available.

Capture a moment to take away with you; give it as a gift or show it to others. The photo has a margin around it where you can write the date, a dedication or whatever you want. It also teaches children a different way to take photographs. It introduces them to the magic of photography. Does not use rolls of film. The image is recorded directly onto the film and comes out on paper. Fixed focus lens, takes very sharp photos from up to 60 cm. To switch it on, open the lens. 4 light positions: indoors, cloudy, clear and very sunny. Photo measurements: 6.4x4.6cm. With grip for carrying in the hand. Photo counter.


Batteries included


    .Display of affect, emotions and states of mind, .The wish to share, .Creative and constructive thoughts, .Creation of interests and own likes


Height :12.20 cm

Width:12.50 cm

Depth:9.00 cm